Adaptive RSI Forex indicator for MT4

Adaptive RSI Forex indicator for MT4 1.0

Adaptive RSI indicator for MT4 Forex trading
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Adaptive RSI is an advanced Relative Strength Index technical indicator for MT4 Forex trading. Adaptive RSI can change the look back period dynamically based on current Forex market condition. Adaptive RSI adapts to the Forex market changes as much as possible.

Main features
6 adaptive methods in one indicator!
7 applied price types. Beside 6 MetaTrader price types: close, open, high, low, median, typical, and weighted, John Ehlers RSI smoothing is also supported.
No repaints, no recalculation.
Automatically determines the best period of RSI to adapt to the current market conditions.
Shows buy and sell signal arrows on the bar chart.
Generates alerts for the signals.
Works with 4 and 5 digits brokers.
High quality. The indicator is written in C++ and is a part of my ftap project.

How is the look back period determined

There are six adaptive methods in Adaptive RSI, all works in the similar way. In ranging, sideway, swing, choppy, and oscillating market, the look back period tends to be shorter. In trending market, the period tends to be longer. The stronger trend, the longer period. The weaker trend, the shorter period. With this mechanism, in trending market, Adatpive RSI is less likely to change its direction so we can ride on the trend for longer time. And in ranging market, Adatpive RSI will change its direction more often so that we can either catch the upcoming trend early or catch each reversals in the market.

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